Cowboy Caviar

My version of a ‘Cowboy Caviar’.
This is the epitome of a “non-recipe”! Simply chop up your favorite veggies, and toss in some AMAZING HAZEL’S BLOODY MARY MIX. No need to add additional seasonings, as they’re already in there!
Here’s what I did: Black Beans (rinsed), fresh roasted corn (cut off the cob), chopped veggies (onions, green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, 1/2 partially seeded jalapeno, cucumbers, cilantro, lime juice) and AMAZING HAZEL’S BLOODY MARY MIX! Pair with tortilla chips, baked tortillas, melt into quesadillas, or serve with shrimp in lettuce leaves. Perfect for your next party! How easy is that?!
Momma D’s Kitchen
Greenwood IN.
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