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Amazing Hazel's Hazel

Hazel was born in 1897. When she was a child, her family made amazing sauces that were always a hit at the local fairs and annual pig roasts. When Hazel was a child, she helped her family make Chili Sauce and sold it to help make ends meet during the Great Depression. Hazel’s family’s sauces were a labor of love. There was no microwave, no food processor, and no grocery store to pop in to pick up a missing ingredient. Everything in the sauce was homegrown in an organic vegetable garden and homemade on a wood stove.

The recipes have been passed on from generation to generation, and my mom, Hazel’s daughter, made the sauces every once in a while for special occasions. Hazel’s Chili Sauce is great as a base and a condiment. It’s fantastic on scrambled eggs, pulled pork, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, with tortilla chips, as a soup base, or as a chili base!

Amazing Hazel's Dave

After my mother passed in 2011, we feared the recipes passed with her. Fortunately, some four years later, when I was clearing out some boxes of my mother’s keepsakes, I found the chili sauce recipe–and some others! I am proud to introduce you to our first sauce, Amazing Hazel’s Chili Sauce, made with the same labor of love as my family has for generations.


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