How Do You HAZEL?

Today us all about HOW DO YOU HAZEL...ideas!
Amazing Hazel's Chili Sauce..
Scrambled Eggs (like my grandmother Hazel did); Burgers (in and on); Baked Potatoes; Omelet (in and on); Chili additive; Meatloaf; on a Hot Dog; Vegetable Stew and Soups; anything in Crockpot; Pasta Sauce Additive;..mixed with Ranch dressing to make an amazing salad dressing; Shrimp and Rice; an absolutely AMAZING  Queso Cheese Additive; Stir into Baked Beans; on Chips as a Salsa; Simply by the Spoonful; I have cousin in Georgia that loves Hazel's mixed in with his Cottage Cheese!
Over the last several months I have posted many different recipes and how you can use Hazel's.....please email me on how you Hazel!
Amazing Hazel's Bloody Mary Mix
Did you know that I developed the Bloody Mary recipe as a byproduct from what I was wasting when I produced the Chili Sauce?
In addition to an award winning full bodied Bloody Mary Mix, Amazing Hazel's Bloody Mary Mix is also great to cook with:
Add to your Chili for great added flavor; add to a can of tomato soup instead of water or milk-you will be amazed at the flavors; mix in with cheese ball; I make great Baked Chicken Glaze (one of our previous recipes) Add to a stir fry to enhance your dish; Shrimp Ceviche' (previous recipe) Stir into Mac and Cheese to spice up the flavors....
Remember; Please email me and tell me how you Hazel with Hazel's Bloody Mary Mix..
Amazing Hazel's Bloody Mary Mix is now AWARD WINNING, as given by The Drunken-Tomato Awards, San Diego California as a Silver medalist in the BEST NEW Product Category of 2018
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